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Mini Loader with Trencher

These powerful diesel mini loaders are 1,050mm wide and have independent 4-wheel drive for all terrain access. It digs a 150mm wide trench up to 900mm deep, ideal for irrigation, garden lighting and drainage trenches. Its tracks give more push and traction in boggy conditions than standard wheeled machines. The trenching attachment allows you to dig trenches of up to 600mm deep and 100mm wide. Trenching speed depends on the hardness of the ground though we estimate that under good conditions it can trench up to 2 meters per minute. Our fleet includes kangas and dingos and come on their own trailer. Diesel is extra.  

You will need:
Earmuffs, boots. A vehicle capable of towing. 


Mini Loader with Trencher


Operations Manual

4 Hours Hire: $198
Day Hire: $297
Weekly Hire: $1,188

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