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About Vermont Hire

About Vermont Hire

Based in Melbourne's Eastern suburbs, we have been hiring equipment to builders, tradespeople and DIY home renovators since 1973. We take pride in our reliable equipment, competitive prices and excellent customer service, plus having one of Melbourne’s most competitive delivery prices. Our staff collectively has over 100 years of experience and will happily provide the expert advice to help you choose the right equipment to get the job done!


Rotary Hoe with benefits

This heavy duty diesel rotary hoe has a cutting width of 1,000mm and can prepare the toughest ground for beautiful lawn or garden beds. It can also be used to create paths; after tilling remove loose soil to 100mm using an optional, complimentary 4-in-1 bucket, leaving the surface ready to lay the path materials.

Pick your excavator

Our 0.8 tonne excavator is great for tight jobs at just 860mm wide with the tracks pulled in. Our 1.6 tonne excavators have more power and greater lifting capacity making them ideal for your bigger jobs.

Have you hired a kanga kid?

These new Kanga Kids have a 100kg load capacity and can fit through a standard doorway, making them a great option for jobs with limited access. Available with 4 in 1 bucket, post hole auger or trencher attachment.

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